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        Honours even score tied in a game with no goals

        A point apiece for Atyrau and Tobol

        2024/06/23 18:21

        Atyrau and Tobol drew 0-0 in a uneventful match on Sunday, in a game relating to matchweek 12. To this matchweek, Vitaliy Zhukovskiy's team came from three wins, and Nurbol Zhumaskaliev's team came from a win.

        The first half came to an end without goals.

        The second half was not much different from the first, with the match coming to an end with no goals.

        After the result Atyrau are 5th in the table, with 17 points, while Tobol sit 7th place, with 16 points. In relation to forthcoming league matches, Vitaliy Zhukovskiy's team visit FC Turan. Meanwhile, Nurbol Zhumaskaliev's team will play away against Aqtobe.


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