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Honours even in an emotional game

Honours even between Asane and Arna-Bjørnar

2024/06/08 23:59

Asane and Arna-Bjørnar drew 1-1 in a match on Saturday, on matchday 11. To this matchweek, Øyvind Tjelde Haga's team came from two defeats, and Arna-Bjørnar came from six defeats.

In an unfortunate moment Savanna Duffy scored an own goal with 5 minutes on the clock.

Katarina Sunde netted the last goal after 56 minutes.

After the result Asane are 9th in the table, with 3 points, while Arna-Bjørnar sit 10th place, with 1 point. In the next fixture, Øyvind Tjelde Haga's team visit Kolbotn IL, while Arna-Bjørnar will play at home against Roa IL.


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