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Honours even after a goalless draw

Nothing to separate IFK Mariehamn and VPS

2024/06/12 18:45

On matchweek 11, the game between IFK Mariehamn and VPS on Wednesday ended in a scoreless draw, 0-0. Coming into the contest, Bruno Romão's team came from a defeat, and Jussi Nuorela's team came from a draw.

The first-half ended with a goalless draw.

The second half was not much different from the first, with the match coming to an end with no goals.

After the result VPS are 1st in the table, with 24 points, while IFK Mariehamn sit 7th place, with 13 points. In the next fixture, Bruno Romão's team will play away against Ekenas IF. Meanwhile, Jussi Nuorela's team will play at home against AC Oulu.


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