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      Pitea IF triumph by single goal on home soil

      Pitea IF beat Vittsjo GIK in close encounter

      2024/06/09 23:59

      Pitea IF defeated Vittsjo GIK in a close win on Sunday, 1-0, in a game related to matchweek 9 of Damallsvenskan. To this matchday, Stellan Carlsson's team came from a defeat, and Jonas Axeldal's team came from a win. In the starting XI there was Jessica Ayers. Sam Murphy didn't leave the bench.

      In a very unlucky moment, Sheila van den Bulk scored an own-goal in the 34th minute.

      After the result Vittsjo GIK are 8th in the table, with 12 points, while Pitea IF sit 10th place, with 9 points. Next up, Stellan Carlsson's team will play away against Linkoping FC. Meanwhile, Jonas Axeldal's team will play at home against Hammarby.


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