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      Steaua Bucareste outclass opponents over visitors full of goalmouth action

      Steaua Bucareste wallop Virtus

      2024/07/09 22:30

      Steaua Bucareste thumped Virtus, 1-7, on Tuesday, in a match relating of the Champions League [Qualification]. Both Luigi Bizzotto's team and Ilias Charalambous's team held their first game in the competition. Darius Olaru made a tremendous game.

      After 6 minutes, Darius Olaru opened the scoring for Steaua Bucareste, from the penalty spot. In the 11th minute, Ilias Charalambous's team increased their lead with a goal from midfielder. After 22 minutes, Daniel Popa doubled the lead for Steaua Bucareste. With 27 minutes on the clock, Ilias Charalambous's team extended their lead with a goal from forward. Darius Olaru completed the hat-trick, in the 37th minute.

      After 70 minutes, Steaua Bucareste increased their lead with a goal from David Miculescu. With 73 minutes on the clock, forward doubled the lead for Ilias Charalambous's team. In the final minutes of the game, Manuel Battistini wrapped things up.

      In the next fixture, Steaua Bucareste will host Virtus.





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