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      Can minnows LASK Linz humble Toulouse?

      Toulouse vs LASK Linz - prediction, team news, lineups

      2023/10/04 21:10

      Toulouse and LASK Linz clash this Thursday at the Stadium de Toulouse for a match of the Grp.E of the Europa League.

      After facing Metz in Ligue 1, Toulouse turn their attention to the Europa League where they challenge LASK Linz.

      This will be the first time these teams face each other for the Europa League.

      Toulouse are given the favouritism to win this match.

      Last Starting XI

      Toulouse ( vs Metz 2023-10-01): Guillaume Restes, Mikkel Desler, Rasmus Nicolaisen, Logan Costa, Gabriel Suazo, Niklas Schmidt, Cristian Cásseres Jr, Stijn Spierings, César Gelabert, Aron Donnum, Thijs Dallinga

      LASK Linz ( vs Wolfsberger AC 2023-09-30): Tobias Lawal, Maksym Talovjerov, Philipp Ziereis, Andrés Andrade , George Bello, Branko Jovicic, Florian Flecker, Robert Zulj, Sascha Horváth, Marin Ljubicic, Elias Havel

      Ones to Watch



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      U Thursday, 05 October 2023 - 20:00
      Stadium de Toulouse
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