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FC Haka record narrow victory over visitors

FC Haka beat KuPS

2024/06/12 18:39

FC Haka overcame KuPS in a close win on Wednesday, 0-1, on matchday 11. To this matchday, Jani Honkavaara's team came from four wins, and Andy Smith's team came from a win.

After 13 minutes, Juho Kilo struck the only goal of the game.

In the 58th minute, Petteri Pennanen had a golden chance to score but missed the penalty.

After the result KuPS are 2nd in the table, with 22 points, while FC Haka sit 4th place, with 20 points. Next up, Andy Smith's team will host Inter Turku, whilst Jani Honkavaara's team visit HJK.


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